Sunday, October 19, 2008

Souping up an iPod.

My husband won some money at work last week. I knew about this for some weeks now since my department runs the "win some money" recognition programs at work, but I managed, even though some people (my boss) (and her boss) (and my co-worker) thought I would spill the beans and tell him since, as my boss put it so eloquently, I have "some financial say in what happens to the money."

But nope, I never did tell him. And I managed to never really talk about the "win some money" award. And when he would bring it up, I would be all "Uh uh, yeah?" about it, and that was that.

So he won, and yes, since I do have say about how that money will be spent, I had already decided he was going to buy an iPod touch and then I would get the rest of the money and everyone would be happy. See how that works? Works just fine for me.

When he got home with his cash in hand, I asked him what he planned on doing with the money. He said he was giving it to me (correct), and I told him I knew what he was going to do with it, and he looked at me like how dare you tell me what to do with my money (even though he just said he was giving it to me, yes, I know, I too see the contradiction).

"You're going to buy an iPod!" I told him.

He looked at me like I was nuts.

And I am slightly nuts because this makes, like, the 100th iPod we've bought since they first came out. Contrary to popular belief, iPods do not last that long and tend to get corrupted and die (or is that just mine?). And come on, you can't own a click wheel iPod when there are fancy schmancy touch iPods out there with speakers. And, well, he just deserves it, and I know he wanted it, and so he got it, but with his own money and not our money, even though the money he won is really our money, but you get my point. I think.

Anyway. The reason I'm even writing all this is because now that he's got the biggest and best iPod out today, he seems to think he's got to soup it up with fancy covers (not one cover, but COVERS), and I just spied him looking at ear buds, and he's looking at all the apps he can put on it, and I know he has a list of games he wants to buy.

He even IMed me from the kitchen with his fancy new AIM app. While we IM at work all day long (shhhh), we never, ever, ever IM each other at home. Not unless we're sending each other links to look at. So IMing me out of the blue (when I wasn't even on IM, by the way) is just plain odd on his part.

Kid in a candy store, I tell you. Kid in candy store.

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