Saturday, November 22, 2008

I'm an expert of what was the "thing" for 'tweens last Christmas.

We went to JCPenney this morning so I could try on and hopefully buy bras (I did!*) (they sooooo were not busy, jerks). I got in line to pay, and my husband and Mateo took off because Mateo was at his limit of being good and needed to be occupied with activity so he wouldn't flip out on us.

Two ladies were ahead of me in line. They were discussing the fabulousness known as Hannah Montana and the clothing JCPenney's carries, including Hannah Montana shirts and whatnot. Apparently one lady has a daughter who was into Hannah, but not into going to JCPenney, assuming because it's totally not cool to do so with kids these days.

After awhile, they started talking about what was the "thing" for 'tweens last year. It wasn't Hannah, according to them, and the younger lady with the 'tween daughter swore she bought a whole mess of stuff with someone's face all over it, but she couldn't remember what it was.

I was standing there, minding my own business, getting a tad annoyed that the salesperson who just rung them up had walked off and hadn't returned yet, as well as at these two kids who were in front of me - the younger one was trying to attack the older one, they both started complaining about why it was taking so long, and then the younger one started whining. I'm not even sure what they were doing there since they had nothing to buy in their hands. Not only that, but it was the lingerie department. And don't boys find that embarrassing? Unless they're trying to look at the naked mannequins.

So again, there I was, minding my own business, keeping and eye out for my husband and child. The two kids finally got fed up and left. The saleslady came back and left again. This was when the younger of the two ladies turned around to address me.

"You're a mom," she said. "You tell us what was the "thing" last year."

I looked at her. If she knows that I'm a mom, it's got to be because Mateo was demanding for me to pick him up and hold his 25 lb body because he didn't want to stand anymore. Or maybe because I was holding onto a very snazzy track suit outfit full of Elmo patches (Mateo is on a serious Elmo kick right now, so we did the unthinkable and bought licensed character clothing - ick). So how does that make me the expert of what the 'tweens thought was cool last year? Was it Elmo?

"Um, I'm a mom to a 21-month old, so I'm sorry, I really don't know what kids were into last Christmas," I said.

"Oh, just 21-months?" she said.

"Yeah, sorry."

The two ladies continued to talk, and they had opened up their conversation space to include me, but seeing as how I don't like to talk to strangers much and especially about something I really could care less about, and more especially because I had recently found out that Miley Cyrus plays both characters on Hannah Montana**, I really didn't want to be included in the conversation. So I started looking around. A lot.

(It just dawned on me what was so popular last year. High School Musical. Now what does that say about me? How about my boss has two little girls in her life who are so not even close to being 'tweens in age but totally have a 'tweeny attitude? Okay, that's how I knew. But this information certainly isn't on the top of my random information pile in case strangers start asking me questions they can't figure out themselves.)

Eventually they closed back up, eventually the saleslady came back, and eventually we made it out of JCPenney, but not until Mateo had a flip out in the shoe section because I wouldn't let him run around willy nilly, attacking the displays of shoes and getting on people's nerves.

*Apparently I'm a cup size smaller than I was when nursing (makes sense), and I really cannot wear those pointy tipped boob cup bras. But I did find four bras that fit nicely, but I'm considering taking one back because having four bras seems really excessive to me for some reason. My husband, who knows me very well, already predicted I was going to take some if not all back. I like to do this sort of thing.

**I never understood why the blonde actress wasn't getting any face time on entertainment shows and only the brunette was.


dolanblog said...

My mother and I call it "reverse shopping". Don't even try stuff on in the stores any more. Do it at home where we can drown our sorrows in wine if stuff is too tight. Then, we spend a day taking it all back. Guys just do not get this.

Kmommy said...

LOL!! Too funny! And exactly why I hate shopping. And especially hate shopping for bras! ;) I used to own about 3 or 4 total... Then I discovered Victoria's Secret - it is amazing the difference it should really try there! Warning: they actually measure you! ;) when I was single I bought a bunch... and those were the last bras (other than nursing bras!) I've bought!