Tuesday, November 18, 2008

My boy? He's got confidence.

I arrived at daycare to pick up Mateo at an odd time. I wanted him to get some snacks in but wanted to get him home before it was outside time. As I already mentioned, he's been sick, and I figured he'd be tired from a full day at daycare today, so I wanted to get him home as early as I could.

When I walked into the room, there were no kids around, which was not what I expected. I grabbed his artwork, jacket and daycare paper, and then I peeked outside the bathroom window to see if they were outside since I couldn't hear any ruckus.

The kids were outside today (the weather is still freakishly warm) eating their snacks. I opened the door to the outside and quickly scanned for my child. In a room full of 13 boys, he's not too easy to spot unless he's running straight at me. All the kids were sitting in a group in front of two of the daycare ladies, just like perfect little ducklings. I didn't see Mateo right off.

"Mateo! Look who's here!" one of the ladies said.

I looked to the left. There was a kid wearing the same color brown pants and black shirt as my child, yet this kid had a blue bucket on his head and was waving his arms around like he was putting out a fire.

I stopped.

"Mateo! Look! Look who is here!" she said again.

He continued to flap his arms while going in circles. He was the only kid not sitting, not eating, not drinking, not being quiet.

He is so my kid.

I started to laugh. Someone called him a "buckethead." He finally took the bucket off of his head and saw me. He ran to me and gave me a big hug.

My kid, I tell you, he is awesome. While I know he's not the first kid to run around with a bucket on his head, he is the only one in his room doing it, and, well, that just makes him pretty darn special to me.

(I probably don't have to mention it, but this is yet another reason for a spy camera.)

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Kmommy said...

How adorable!! :) And yes, another good reason for that spy camera! :)