Tuesday, November 18, 2008

My child is smarter than I am.

Mateo and I took a sick day yesterday; he was sick, I was not. I wanted to sit on the couch all day and work on my homework, plot how to fix the financial crisis our world is in, and maybe solve that world peace problem. And read because I'm on a huge reading kick now that I have some more free time. Mateo? He wanted to play.

Because as we all know that, those of us who are a parent to a crazy toddler boy who doesn't understand the concept of relaxing, even when sick, crazy toddler boys still want to play. All day. Until Blue's Clues is on, and then they will fall into a coma (my secret tip to you, dear reader).

I made a new rule a few weeks ago. If I am being forced to sit on the ground while Mateo is playing then I get to watch one of my recorded shows because it's either I do that or I have to deal with him trying to eat my laptop cord, attack Zoe (a cat), or rip down what is left of our vertical blinds (and yes, mom, that means we still haven't put up the curtains yet - would like to come over one of these days and assist me with this fun project?). Because the kid could care less if I'm phyiscally playing with him, he just wants to bounce off of me, talk to me, ask me to help him, accompany him across the room to pick up a random toy he suddenly needs to have but can't fathom making the trip by himself - anything but sitting on the couch or trying to play with his toys, something I just not allowed to do at all. He's been known to completely destroy my fabulous mini houses and castles I create from his megblocks.

Later on in the afternoon I declared it time to play, put on part one of the season finale of Top Design, turned my laptop so I could see IMs, and sat my lazy butt down on Mateo's play mat. He immediately went goofy on me, flipping and flopping, and playing to his heart's content. Nothing strikes joy into my boy's heart than an adult pretending paying attention to him.

That is until he realized I was paying a tad bit more attention to my laptop all of a sudden.

That little boy of mine, who is quickly turning into a person (how dare he), got up, walked over to my hand, and batted it away from my laptop. He then took my hand and moved it towards his toys.

Well, well. I was certainly shown.

After that I point, tried to remain focused on Top Design Mateo's playing and not so much my laptop, but that's until my virus scan found a few trojan horse viruses and got me in a tither.

When did the smart switch flip on? What else will I not be able to get away with?

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Kmommy said...

LOL! My kids immediately turn into attention starved monsters the second they see the laptop open! :) But they don't bat my hand away, they just try to get in a few keys of their own or chew on the lid ;)