Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Nothing says I need a vacation like this.

I have to be somewhat vague since this is work related although not an "omg, I hate my job, my boss sucks, they pay me peanuts and I work 100 hours a week" post.

My co-worker asked me to find a picture of the head of our group (and when I say head of our group, I mean, like, super high up but not the highest, but fairly close, and someone who wouldn't know me from the homeless lady down the street) in our internet files. Because someone wanted to include the picture in some presentation, and instead of figuring it out for this person's self (see how I didn't use a gendered pronoun, but instead chose to be stupidly clever?), this person asked our group to provide said photo. So I said okay. I'm bored. (Oops, shouldn't have admitted that - I'm never bored when working! Never! Life of the party, I am, I am!!).

I looked and looked and looked, and they were all really tiny pictures, and then I thought, wait a minute. My particular group isn't like the agent or rep for this head guy. It's not like we have 8x10s at the ready, so we can send them off to whomever asks. That is not our job.

So I pulled a tiny picture and saved it. I told my co-worker what I just said in the above paragraph, and she agreed and that was that (but now I just found out she's trying to find a bigger picture, so that really isn't that, and now I've gone google happy, and I'm fairly certain the head guy got a face lift or something in the past couple years because he's looking me-owish now).

I went to my email, started a new message, and because I had the head guy on the brain, I started typing his name instead of hers. Then I stopped myself. My heart did one of those "I was just about to do something so irreversible and look the fool" jumps.

This IM conversation ensued, slightly edited:

ME: I almost sent the email to head guy cause I have him on my brain.

Her: i am so glad you didnt, he would be so confused

ME: I know, LOL

Her: like, is she my stalker?

ME: he'd be like, who is this gal? and why is she sending me pictures of myself.

ME: I can't stop laughing

(after opening the attachment and viewing picture)

Her: omg, this is the frodo picture! i love it

ME: it is? man, I know that pic, all those times you've talked about it

Her: Frodo Bagins. My precious....................................... LOL. i am making my head hurt worse


So I suppose the need of a vacation is two-fold, or even possibly three-fold:

1. I almost sent an email to the head guy with a picture of himself attached to the message.

2. The fact that I spent so much time trying to find a picture of said head guy due to boredom, and then ended up talking about him to my co-worker like he was some celebrity.

3. That I even think this is worthy enough of writing about.

Shall I post a "donate to me so I can go on a vacation" button linked to my paypal account?

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Kmommy said...

LOL!! Yes, it sounds like you definitely need a vacation! :)