Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Okay, so after Damien left me, Jennifer Beals stopped by.

Today was my lucky day.

I guess after the fourth dose of amoxicillin, my child gets all goofy and starts twirling in circles and stomping his feet, and then he will eventually wander over to me, which makes me look down, and low and behold he's got one arm out of his long sleeve and now through the neck hole and he's looking an awful lot like Ms. Beals over there to the right (even though her shirt is off the shoulder, but come one, you can't expect a toddler to go and get scissors and cut his own shirt, can you?).

And yes, I'm the stupid parent who didn't get her Flip video camera she received for Christmas so she could videotape the twirling and dancing or the fancy shirt manipulation. Instead I said, "How'd you manage to do that?" and put his arm back through his neck hole and then back through the sleeve.

He responded by demanding to be free and shirtless to match his sockless feet that he sported all day while recovering from his nasty illnesses (no fault of mine - I don't like that Damien character so I obliged but harassed him with socks as best I could - eventually Damien put them behind the blinds in his room, smart daemon, that one), but I wouldn't allow it. When I said, "What? You want to be naked now?", which was a rhetorical question, but try explaining that to a toddler because he answered "YEEAAAAAH!" very loudly, I didn't give in to him and his Flashdancey ways.

I'll be with him all day tomorrow while I try man my group's email inbox and answer any incoming calls from my work (thank goodness for caller ID, I will say it over and over), and I plan to have my Flip with me this time because if he ends up reenacting scenes from The Godfather, I so want to get that on video and share it with the world.

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Kmommy said...

:) You must have that camera ready at all times! ;)
too bad they don't make tights for boys ;) that's the only way we can keep baby girls feet covered. And she too is a fan of running around naked. Its just too cold for that! :)