Thursday, January 29, 2009

Cult of Snuggie.

As I've mentioned over and over, I'm always hot. Yes, yes, it's cause I'm too fat. I know this.

But this post isn't about me.

This post is about my friend who is always cold. She even has a mini heater thing under her desk at work. When she works at home, she's constantly telling me how cold her house is (she doesn't turn on her heater - could be the first issue with that problem) and that she needs blankets on her and space heaters surrounding her and she's tooooo cold.

I still sleep with the fan on, I don't ever have our heater on (which does work quite well) when I'm alone, and I'm usually wearing shorts. Again, not about me.

One day she had the TV on while she was working, and the ad for the Snuggie came on. She told me she had to have it. She needed this wonderful invention. And she was just in luck - they were offering a two for one price deal right at that exact moment! She called, and the person said she had to pay shipping and handling for the second snuggie as well as for the first, which ended up being a total of like 15 bucks plus the cost of the first snuggie (20 bucks) and she said, oh hell no, I'm not paying that much money to get two blankets shipped to me.

And so she remained snuggie-less.

Yesterday she started talking about being cold again, and I mentioned that she should just get a snuggie and be done with it. I pretty much got the same response as the guy on the phone did. I looked up the snuggie on to see how much it was because her birthday is coming up and I thought, hmmm...what a great gift (and I get free shipping).

That's when I was let in on a terrible secret about the snuggie. Something I never realized myself although now it just seems so darn obvious: The snuggie is a robe put on backwards.

That and everyone who purchased one says it sucks.

So I told her to go buy a robe and wear it backwards.

And, as with how things go in life, if you talk about them enough, they will always be randomly around. I just went to check my email on Yahoo, and right there on the front page was an article about the snuggie. And in this article, it mentions a YouTube video called "The Cult of Snuggie."

And now, I present to you, for your viewing pleasure, "The Cult of Snuggie." Make sure you at least watch until the book light appears.

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Kmommy said...

Hilarious!! my husband said the same thing about it being a backwards robe...