Sunday, January 25, 2009

I got my hands on a baby yesterday....

We visited our friends who recently (almost a month ago!) had their first baby. We took Mateo with us even though I was pretty sure he wasn't going to be so keen on me or his Daddy holding a baby since he thinks he's still the baby in our life and doesn't realize he's turning into a big boy.

How is it that holding and interacting with a baby is just like riding a bike again - you just don't forget how to do it and it feels all so very normal?

Yes, of course that got me wanting another baby again, but really, we just can't afford another baby right now. Maybe if we move or suddenly become rich. Maybe.

It's amazing how one can forget how small a baby is - even after the baby has lived one month - and how her (in this case) legs are still bunched up to her torso and how her eyes will look at you, trying to focus on what she can, and even if she can't quite see clearly, she knows you're not normal, you are different, and in her little baby brain that means something but she's not quite sure what. And babies are so light. When you're used to lugging around a 27 lb lump of goofiness, holding an 8 lb baby is like holding a pillow - and I feel like I could do it for days on end. Even though I distinctly remember that lugging my 8 lb baby was doing a number on my back (lack of sleep and healing from a c-section will do that, I suppose).

So yeah. I wish I was in a fantastic frame of mind after we had Mateo (not to mention not being so flipping tired) so I could have imprinted every moment with him. I remember always thinking, "I can't wait until he can do this and do that," so I didn't have to do it all for him. And now, here he is, almost two years later, Mister Independent, and I'm wondering, "How did you grow up so fast? Could you please just stop and stay the same for a long time???"

If we don't have another kid, at least I know this: Mateo is the perfect child for us. He is goofy, funny, smart and loving. And he loves to laugh. He is my child.

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Twenty Four At Heart said...

What a sweet post. It's true ... when we have the newborns we are exhausted, aren't we? But then when we get to borrow one for a few moments ... aw, bliss! And it goes by so quickly. OMG I've got 3 teens. How did THAT happen?