Sunday, January 04, 2009

That whole tormenting thing...

Remember when I mentioned that I thought physical torture practices were interesting? And you probably thought, sessssh, whatever, you're just saying that because you get so many hits from people searching for feral children and now you want people to come to your blog because you like torture?

Well. It's true. I am actually interested in it.

And low and behold guess what I happened upon the other day on the Discovery Channel (and since it's on the Discovery Channel, that makes it better than if I were googling torture techniques, which I did at work the other day, so now I'm waiting for someone to talk to me about my internet usage): Machines of Malice!

I recorded the ancient machines episode and I've got my eye out for the medieval one. I've tried to watch it twice this weekend, but both times I couldn't finish it because the first time my husband was talking to me too much, and since it is something I really want to watch, I just stopped the recording so I could watch it later, and then when "later" happened (also known as when Mateo takes a nap because who wants to force their kid to watch how people were cooked alive in the brazen bull?), I promptly fell asleep on the couch because as they say, "when the baby sleeps, you sleep." (And yes, I do realize he's not a baby anymore and that he sleeps all night (mostly), and this weekend he actually slept in until 6:30 am, which means I got to as well, and that is a very rare thing to occur, I'll have you know.)

As a side note, I found this series on the History Channel the other night, and now I want to watch all the episodes: Seven Deadly Sins. I have the Sloth episode recorded, and now I need to figure out when the other six are on so I can get those recorded as well. Apparently in olden times, if you were depressed, people declared you were suffering from the sin of slothfulness. And now you can just go to the doctor and have them put a metal probe in some part of your brain and viola! you're not longer depressed slothful. Isn't modern medicine grand?

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Kmommy said...

You are just plain weird ;) I'm not into the whole torture thing, but I really love watching those real detective/mystery shows.
I left some awards for you on my blog ;)