Friday, January 02, 2009

The obligatory birthday post.

My mom said I had to write a birthday post. Here are some things about me you may or may not know (depending on who you are):

1. I was born at 2:22 pm on January 2nd.

2. It always rains on my birthday, making it somewhat of a downer for me because there isn't much you can do in the rain and after the one driving in the Sierras while it was snowing incident, I don't really want to drive to the snow, and since we have Mateo now, we really can't go anywhere for a night or two, so I usually end up at work and going out to lunch with my husband and then going home and sitting on the couch.

3. Based on one of the books I'm reading, The Outliers by Malcom Gladwell, I'm a genius because I was born in January, and the further you get from the beginning of the year, the less likely of a chance you have to be a success. Okay, there is more to it than that, but I like to think I'm smart, so that's my story.

4. I really don't care that I'm getting older, and if you ask me my age, I will tell you.

5. Large bodies of water, especially lakes, more especially the edges of lakes, give me the creeps. However, I do like water and swimming and stuff like that. I just can't let my mind wander too much about all the dead bodies lurking in the reeds.

6. I'm somewhat ambidextrous. There are certain things I can do with my right and left hand, some some things I simply can't, like writing.

7. I like to eat burnt things like toast and marshmallows and meat. If it's burnt, I'll eat it.

8. The only time I really was afraid for my life (hopefully that really doesn't happen to most people, but with this world, you never know), is the snow incident I mentioned above. It was our rental car verses an icy road, and the road won, and luckily we ended up in an embankment and not down the side of a mountain.

9. I'm so afraid of heights that I even get vertigo each and every time I approach a stairway or an escalator. I guess I can't be that afraid of heights since I still manage to get down the stairway or escalator, but my heart does stop for a few seconds and my brain does this crazy dizzy thing, and I just have to assume someone is right behind me, so I should just get over it and start heading down, even though I do it super slowly and annoy people. One time my husband and I were at Half Moon Bay, up on a beach cliff, and right as I saw how high were were, I swear the earth started to move, and each time my husband, who isn't afraid of heights or hysterical like I am, would get too close to the edge (which was like, 10 feet away from the edge, but you never know how hard the wind might blow at any given moment and POOF! he'd be gone), I would start yelling at him and eventually I started crying and shaking and we had to leave because I am of the hysterical type.

10. This is going to sound really weird, I think. I'm not sure. Since I've hardly talked about it to anyone, and now that I think about it, I've only talked about it to one person who is used to me saying odd things that are slightly related to the topic of conversation we are having, I'm kinda taking a big leap in writing it so publicly because I don't want to be labeled as being some weirdo, cold-hearted and insensitive jerk. Ack. I just chickened out. Now aren't you curious?

11. I like to torment people. It's really fun. But only mentally. Although I do find physical torture practices interesting. But more on an intellectual level than "Gee, that looks like a grand idea" level.

Okay. I think that's it for today. Happy Birthday to me!


Mom, Grandma, Coach said...

Happy Birthday Boo!!

Nut Nut said...

Wouldn't have happened without your doing!