Thursday, February 05, 2009

Cake schmake.

Today I decided to talk to the Center Director at daycare about this whole "I'm bringing cake for the kids" thing before I totally forgot and just showed up on Tuesday with cake.

Me: I was told to tell you I want to bring cake on Tuesday for Mateo's birthday.

CD: -----------------------------------

Me: I didn't know if I needed to fill something out or...?

CD: His biiirrrrttthhhhddddaaaaayyy. Um.

Me: Yeah...

CD: I'm changing things this month. We're going to start celebrating birthdays at the end of the month.

Me: Oh......

CD: It's in my newsletter, the last page.

Me - Picking up the newsletter I never look at and finding the notice on the back page.

CD: We just have too many treats coming in and sometimes there are several birthdays in one week, and....

Me: Oh, yeah. I can imagine.

Me: (thinking) But this is MY kid and he's SPECIAL and he's going to have CAKE on his birthday because I suffered CRAZY BRAIN over this issue!!!!

Me: Noticing the note saying "no goodie bags, please."

Me: (thinking) Oh hell no! These kids are getting miniature play-dohs! I've had them since October! I planned for poopsake!

CD: Buuuuuuut. Since there are only 16 kids in Mateo's room, I think it's okay. But next time, it has to be at the end of the month. On Friday.

Me: Oh, okay. Thanks!

Then she told me no peanuts and to avoid chocolate if I can.

And me, still thinking: What is it with the chocolate? Who decided chocolate was so evil? Leave the chocolate alone!

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