Tuesday, March 03, 2009

I might regret this post tomorrow as it shows my true colors. At this moment.

So I don't usually do so good when my routine is changed. I like things to be the same at all times, which I know is a joke to even write when I have a 2-year old in my life, but I've gotten over how things will always be out of whack because my little boy is in my life. However, when I have to change my routine and go to training, and this training forced me to have to pay over 20 bucks in public transportation fares, and it was raining like nobody's business this morning, and I had no idea if I was going to get out early or not so I had to ask my momma to pick up Mateo today, and it's all a whole mess of unknowns and not knowing, it, well, puts me on edge.

So yes, I had to ride a cable car up a very steep hill in the blowing, blasting rain at 7:30am this morning, which is so not how I like to spend my mornings or my hard earned money, to go to brand training for my company. And I actually really enjoyed the training since our brand is completely changing and well, I should know it, but I just wanted to know if we were going to get out early and what time.

And yes, we did get out early. REALLY early. So I called my momma and told her she didn't have to pick up Mateo, paid another 5 bucks to go up a steep hill and then down, and to then pay $5.25 to ride the train home.

Did I mention I've been sick for well over a week now? Yeah, so I'm not feeling too great, which certainly doesn't help with my attitude.

Because my husband and I both had to assume that my mom was picking up Mateo, my husband didn't use the stroller this morning to get Mateo to the car. Our parking lot is not far from our building, but far enough that it's much easier to use a stroller when transporting a wily 2-year old who, most times, refuses to walk and wants to be carried. Make that a 27 lb 2-year old.

So I had to lug Mateo through the parking lot, into the complex, past the greenbelt (for some reason I decided to go this way, and now, in hindsight, I realize just walking through the hallways in the building would have been so much easier, but as they say (or I do), F-You Hindsight!)

Did I mention I'm not feeling well? Grumpy? Out of sorts? Yes, that is I.

Anyway. So we get to the door that will let us into the building. I try to get Mateo to stand on the sidewalk, but, per norm, he refuses to do so. So there I am with my work back slung over my shoulder, and it just about ready to fall forward and smack Mateo in the head, my lunch bag in my hand (I brought my lunch to save money, looky me...but then again, I had to pay over 20 bucks in public transportation fares today!....Oh, I mentioned that already), and papers from Mateo's daycare. And Mateo, all bunched up with his feet about 2-inches from the sidewalk and refusing to stand.

I told him that I needed to open the door, so he needed to stand.

That's when the very nice lady who lives across from us saw us from her backyard area, left her area via her gate, and headed on over to "help us."

Now, see, this is where I'm going to regret things.

My first thought was, "Nooooo! BACK OFF!!!" Because as anyone knows who has a toddler, most times, when they are around people they do not know, they will turn into stone statues who can miraculously talk and repeatedly say, "Momma! Momma!"

But this lady, this lady is really nice. Really nice. At least she seems really nice - what do I know when it comes down to it. She could be put on this earth to do what ensued just to drive me nuts.

So I knew what she wanted to do - she wanted to unlock the door for us and let us in. Because she is nice. And that's what nice people do. I probably wouldn't have done the same thing myself. And this is why:

So here I was with my work bag (which is big and full of crap), my lunch bag (saving money, yo), papers, my statue boy and myself (and I am not slender by any means), and here she was with her rather large old lady body that doesn't quite move fast on normal days and definitely not today when it was cold and wet outside, and she tried to get around me and the statue boy, and I tried to accommodate her in the tight space (bushes on one side of the sidewalk and fence on the other and one statue boy right in front of the door), and what ended up happening?

Yeah, that's right. I knock her (almost) over. And she immediately started moaning about her foot and huffing and puffing, and I couldn't really do anything because of all the stuff I was carrying plus the lack of room, plus the statue child who was in a panic because of the lady (said child was saying over and over and over "Momma!"), and I just wanted to stick my keys in the lock, like I would have if she hadn't of decided to go all nice about it and walk over from her backyard area, open the door, and gently prod the statue inside, and then continue on my merry way.

That's why I wouldn't have done a damn thing.

But no. Nooooo. Instead I had to stand there like an ass, asking her if she was okay, to which she answered, "my foot" and then "go ahead, baby" (to Mateo, who was still a statue), and I just wanted to shove her inside and tell her not to be so dang nice and don't try to open the door for me ever again and all this was her stupid fault for being so nice!!!

Then I thought, no, no it's not. It's my husband's fault for not using the stroller regardless!!!

Then, then I thought....NO! It's the stupid training class's fault because it was supposed to end at 5pm but ended at 2:30pm instead!!!

But really, it's my company's fault for changing their brand and making me have to learn about it!!

Okay, okay. So it's no one's fault, but I still feel like an ass, and I still feel annoyed that she tried to help us when it's so much easier not to help when you have a statue child, and why don't people get that strangers freak out kids!!??

I think I'm going to bed early tonight.

Did I mention I'm about ready to throw our indoor-only cat outside because she won't stop meowing?

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Kmommy said...

Oh man, what a day! :( I hope you are feeling better! Your work should totally re-imburse you for the money spent on getting to their training!