Monday, March 23, 2009

I stole this picture from and I don't care!

I couldn't find the original picture or of something similar, so I stole. Shame on me. But at least I gave credit. Which I don't normally do.

So this is Octo-mom's new stroller (according to This also happens to be the buggy that Mateo's daycare uses to cart around babies during warmer weather since they really can't go outside until they are walking. The only big difference is the plastic baby seats welded to the handle bar, which my daycare does not have on their buggies (the official term and not stroller). And I'm sorry, it just looks all sorts of wrong not to mention dangerous and a slightly shoddy looking welding job.

Mateo was sitting with me when I started writing this post, and he exclaimed, "Babies! Babies!" when he saw the picture. Because the babies get moved around the daycare property in this thing and all the toddlers, who have forgotten that just last year they were hitching a ride in this fantastic buggy, get all goofy about seeing the babies being paraded around like show ponies.

Oh how soon they all forget.

But unless there is a secret compartment in the back where she can store her bags and bags of groceries (because you know with 14 kids to feed she'll have bags and bags of groceries), I wouldn't touch that buggy with a 10-foot pole.

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