Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Who told men they can go back to the ponytail look?

This is a serious, serious issue. It started with one person - a guy who was "growing out" his hair. That, in itself, is silly. This is 2009, not the '70s, and no man should be "growing out" his hair.

Well, now that his hair has grown, but in no way is long, he has decided that he needs to pull back his luxurious, oftentimes greasy, locks into a ponytail. This is not your ordinary ponytail, nor is it a New Agey man ponytail (pulled to the base of the neck, many times just a few scraggly pieces), this is some stupid samurai looking, hair pulled from the sides and gathered in the back while the front is still floppy and there is a tuft hanging below the tail, ponytail. It's very much like Tom Cruise in The Last Samurai when he pulls his hair back (and, of course, I could not find a picture of him with his hair pulled back for demonstration purposes), but this guy is no Tom Cruise. Nor a samurai for that matter.

And the trend, unfortunately, has spread.

One day I was confronted by another guy, who is growing out his hair, but it's not even remotely as long as the first guy, and, if you remember, the first guy's hair isn't even long, with a teeny tiny tuft on the back of his head. He basically gathered what he could and wrapped a rubber band around it. This guy is an unfortunate victim of adult acne, hence our nickname for him - Pizza Face - so he looks like some toddler's twisted version of baby doll with chicken pox. And yes, I realize I'm 35 and calling people Pizza Face. I am a nickname fanatic - mean or nice - and 9 times out of 10, they stick.

And then today I turned around to find myself looking at yet another guy with his hair pulled back in a pouf of a ponytail. He has curlyish hair, so it looked like a French poodle's nicely shorn tail with the pouf adornment at the tip.

I have to assume this is some weird trend starting up. I thought it was a stupid kick to look like a samurai. But the third guy isn't the "I want to look like a samurai" type, so I'm not sure that explains it. I think all these guys think they look good with their tufts of ponytail.

So what I want to know is this: Who went and decided this is a good idea? Because all the ladies I talk to about this trend think it's a stupid idea. And you can only make so many jokes about a samurai's club before you realize these guys are serious. And that is simply frightening.


Kmommy said...

Well, I do have to admit that my husband wears his hair in a ponytail... but, he is Indian and his hair is halfway down his back... (I cut it to that point when it reached his butt!!).

Unknown said...

What if you look really good that way, and they did it on sons of anarchy, so why can't I! Plus I am a samurai!!! No, but for real long hair don't care

Nut Nut said...

Unknown, you made my day. You go on with your bad self. :)