Thursday, March 12, 2009


A very sad and unexpected milestone has occurred in my life as well as Mateo's life.

His stroller, the stroller that we've had for a tad over 2 years, the stroller that has served me well, has kicked the bucket.

Now this might not seem like a big deal to most. In fact, it might be greeted with positive, happy thoughts. But for me? For me, this is devastating. So much so, I'm really tempted to go buy another stroller.

And here's why:

As you can clearly see, trying to get a kid who refuses to walk, plus jackets and bags and random toys, which just HAVE TO BE BROUGHT INSIDE, from the car to our unit is really difficult. I have to get through one locked gate, then through a locked door to get to our unit (which is also locked, but of course).

Not only is this devastating because I can no longer pile everything onto the stroller when I bring Mateo in at night, but I can no longer use it as my all-purpose utility cart. Since we live so far away from our parking spot, it becomes quite the challenge to figure out how to get many bags of groceries inside. Or boxes. Or stuff from Costco, which is usually overly large and heavy. What better item to use than the stroller? Yeah. Exactly.

We have one of those small collapsible strollers (thanks, sis), but I can't use it as a utility cart. The most I can do is put a one or two light bags on the seat, but if I do that, I might as well just carry them. And the front wheels don't cooperate at all, and when you're holding tons of stuff in one arm and trying to steer an uncooperative stroller with the other arm, and you've got a lumpy kid who weighs 27 lbs sitting in the stroller, it makes for an almost impossible task of getting into our unit.

So yes. I am sad. I do plan to buy one of those old lady shopping carts, but I still think finding another stroller would be a good idea. Something less than a full-on baby stroller, but more than a simple collapsible stroller.

My husband doesn't think this is a big deal, but then, he doesn't pick up Mateo 4 nights a week like I do. And he can carry 50 bags of groceries and walk around the earth twice and still not be winded. And somehow he gets Mateo to walk whereas it's like I'm asking that kid to eat all the foods he hates and then some.

And if I had my way, I would be using the stroller even when Mateo was 10. Maybe he wouldn't be in it, per se, but I would be using it. Strollers are the best invention on the face of the earth.

So goodbye, dear stroller with your cute fluffy sheep all over your seat and your very handy cup holder and bottom net thingy that is so nice to have when you need to store a diaper bag and jackets. Goodbye. God speed. You've served me well.


tom e. said...

The annual MOM (mother's of multiple's) garage sale is April 25 in Fremont. Michelle goes nearly every year and gets some really great stuff for really cheap. Bags of clothes, car seats, strollers, etc. I'll try and get the specifics if you are interested.

Nut Nut said...

My sister is a mom of multiples, so I know about these sales, and I actually get the opportunity to sell at them because of my sis. I ended up buying a realtively cheap "toddler" stroller thru amazon today and it's coming tomorrow. I can't wait to get one, I realized. I depend on it too much.

Kmommy said...

Oh yes, I depend quite a bit on my stroller! But I just can't imagine living in a building like that and having to park so far away! Yikes! Glad to see you've purchased a new stroller ;)