Monday, March 30, 2009 - Update number two.

I'm still not getting much money - maybe $1.50 if that (and that's between my account and the one I forced my husband to sign up for). It's nice to get some random change every so week, so I'm not going to complain. Although I still wish it were covering my morning coffee.

However, one thing I have noticed that I'm going to blame on Youdata is that I get a whole heck of a lot of spam e-mail.

What made me suspicious that Youdata might be selling my email address is that I got this random email from some kid's advice web site acting like I had signed up to their site and they knew I had a blog and they wanted bloggers to write about certain topics they come up with and mention their site and then let them know and all this crazy talk and I was like, when did I ever sign up for this nonsense?

Then, all of a sudden, I got emails once or twice a day from them. Which is one or two times more than I wanted. So I told them to stop emailing me, and they have, but come about kids....Yeah okay, Youdata, I know it's you.

I asked my friend, who is also signed up to Youdata so she can get her piddly dimes on too, if she was getting tons of spam email, and she said yes. That was clue number three. I haven't asked my husband yet, but I'm sure it's the same thing for him.

I know that spam email is just a fact of internet life, but still. I get tired of reporting spam email and then just getting the same thing the next day. And if it doesn't even seem remotely legit, I don't open it, so I can't tell them to leave me alone. Just today Human Resources emailed me about a job they found me. And I got a notice that if I join AARP, I would get a free travel kit.

Okay, Human Resources where? And with what comapany? The Human Resources company? And last time I checked, I'm not AARP age. I also got something about growing tomatoes for a penny. A penny! Sign me up.

I probably get about 20 or more spam emails a day. To put it into perspective, I used to get maybe 1 in a few days.

So that's just something to think about. I don't care what Youdata says about privacy and respecting it and blah blah blah, I'm almost sorta positive they've sold everyone's email addresses.

Can I get in trouble for assuming that? Oh well. As long as I keep getting my buck fifty, I guess it's a weird trade off.

(And yes, I do realize I could have set up a separate email address for signing up for Youdata and never go and look at it, but I'm sorry, I can be a big dummy with these things. At least I admit it.)

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