Monday, March 30, 2009

Hints don't work. And now I realize links and "buy this for me NOW" doesn't work either.

My boss recently went to New York and came back with this really cool, teeny tiny, iPod speaker. It is only available in Korea and the MOMA in NY. They are I.dear Speakers, and they are awesome, and if you are like me, and have the first generation iPod touch, then you aren't blessed with the sorta okay speakers that come with the new fangled iPod touch, 2nd generation.

I often drag my laptop around with me just so I can listen to music on, my choice for an online "radio." Basically, you tell it what band you want to hear, and it picks similar bands and just plays them until it can't figure out any more similar artists. I usually do this when I'm cooking dinner or taking care of the dishes.

Sure, we have a nice Bose iPod player that I moved into the dining area, but when you have a bossy toddler on your hands who must watch TV after a hard day at daycare, then it's much easier to lug your laptop with you than try to listen to music in the Bose player. And earbuds are so not a good idea with a bossy toddler.

When my boss played the speaker for me, I was truly smitten. A smitten kitten, I was. I told my husband I had to have it, sent him the link, and I told him to buy it for me. I said how nice it would be if he would buy it and give it to me as a surprise. Wouldn't that be lovely? Yes. It would be. He even came over and listened to the speaker, and I think he was impressed, but what do I know.

I need this little speaker. I must have it.

So one day he tried to give me 20 bucks to deposit. I was like, "What? Why?" because he's very fond of his cash on hand and doesn't like to share.

"So I can buy something," he said.

Ah, how cute, I thought. He wants to use his 20 bucks to put towards my speaker!

"No...just keep it, that's silly," I said.

As an afterthought, I asked, "Where did you get this?"

"I was hoarding it," he told me.

(I'm now wondering if he meant the 20 bucks for my speaker or for shoes...darn my husband. I'll keep pretending it was for my speaker.)

So I waited, and waited, and waited. I finally had to go onto and get our money straight again, and I realized there was no charge for the speaker.

Yes, my heart sank.

"I want this, here is the link, buy this for me!" doesn't seem to work. And if that doesn't work, then nothing will work.

So I had to ask.

"Did you order the speaker for me?"

"Um. Nooooooo. I didn't know where I should order it from," he said in a slight, I'm ready to get annoyed with you any second voice.

"I sent you the link," I told him.

"I know. But I thought I could get it at SFMOMA," he said. SFMOMA just happens to be right next to our work building.

"You can't. You can only get it at the NY MOMA! Never mind. I'll just order it myself," I said.

I grumbled some other stuff, he shot me a dirty look, that was the end of that.

Today I reminded him that Mother's day is May 10th and I expect that he and Mateo plan something fantastic for me.

He told me he needed to order the salt and pepper shakers then.

I asked what salt and pepper shakers. I don't know what you're talking about.

He said exactly.

So I had to politely remind him AGAIN that I wanted the speaker, not stupid salt and pepper shakers.

He said he made it up to get me in a tizzy.

I still don't believe him, and I already told him that if he gives me salt and pepper shakers, he's getting a napkin dispenser for Father's Day.

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Kmommy said...

LOL!!! Men can be such morons ;) I hope you get your speaker!