Friday, April 17, 2009

And I thought I've seen it all.

Ah, public transportation. It's a wonderful thing. It saves the environment, gives commuters time to read, watch things on their iPods, talk on the phone, sleep. It's great. For the price of $10.50 a day plus a dollar for parking, I get to ride the rails with a bunch of people whom I hope will leave me alone.

Right now I'm totally into Brotherhood, which is just about the best TV show on paid cable these days. Since we don't pay for any fancy paid cable channels (HBO, Showtime, etc.), we have to watch these shows by renting from Netflix, record them, and convert the format so we can watch them on our iPods. It's nearly impossible to watch any normal TV these days, so we figured this is much easier to do than hold onto the DVDs for ages.

There I was, happily watching Brotherhood while going to work this morning, when I happened to look up. There was a man and lady sitting in the seat in front of me. The man had his laptop on his lap. He was looking at pictures of Lil' Kim. She was clothed in the pictures, but they were, ahem, sexy pictures with sexy clothes and sexy poses. Not 100% appropriate for a public space, but what can one do?

These weren't small pictures either. They were decent-sized - the can't really hide the fact that he was looking a random sexy pictures of a well-endowed lady size.

He was using the picture-viewer that most PCs have to look at his library of sexy pics, so it was one picture at a time, slowly. I was watching him looking at the pictures. He clicked to the next one, and it was Lil' Kim bare-breasted. And he stayed on the picture. And the lady next to him shifted to the right, away from him. And I got really mad. Then he clicked to the next picture, which was Lil' Kim in on all fours pose but from the side. He zoomed in to take a closer look at her butt.

So now I've seen it all. I wanted to smack him upside his bald head and tell him to act like a civilized man. Who does that?

Instead, I texted my husband about it because I was so mad (I don't normally text, so this shows how mad I was, but you'd have to be me to know that), and after I was done (it took me forever because, as I said, I don't text that often), I looked up, and the man is playing solitaire with thumbnails of Lil' Kim in the background.

He got off soon after that.

I just don't get it. Where is the shame? The dignity? Or just the respect for all the ladies surrounding you as you look at your sexy Lil' Kim pictures?

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Kmommy said...

Geez! I totally agree, so disrespectful. Sad.