Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I am mad about H1N1. (Updated since I published before I was finished because that's how I roll.)

There is nothing more I hate than watching the news in the morning and being shown one negative segment after another about something we humans cannot control. I stopped watching the morning news because of this reason. Morning news is good for two things: The weather (and to see how hookerish the weather lady is dressing that day, which, sadly, has become less and less as the months have passed by - I tell you, she wore some doozy outfits some days) and to see if BART is messed up and if we can get to work or not (99% of the time we can). Other than that, they repeat the same stupid segments over and over, including warnings about the soon-to-be TV cable change thing the FCC is enforcing that I'll never understand.

So this morning I decide to turn on the TV, and low and behold all the news people were talking about was the "swine" flu and how horrible it is and how the US had its first death and schools are closing and you should really clean your keyboard at work not to mention leave a bottle of hand sanitizer next to your phone with a note posted telling people to use the sanitizer before using your phone.

There was only one segment where they showed some lady from some government organization who clearly and calmly stated that we really didn't have much to worry about as long as we paid attention to what the heck was going on with us if we get sick.

As you can probably tell, I'm not too worried about the H1N1 virus. I know that I won't get it from eating pigs, kissing pigs, petting pigs or looking at pigs. I think it's silly that all the surgery masks in San Francisco drugstores are all sold. Next will be all the hand sanitizers. And has anyone ever thought that the more you sanitize yourself into petri dish standards (minus the test subject), the easier it'll be for viruses and germs to attack your body? I'm not saying be a Pig-Pen about it, but the more you try to live in a bubble, the harder it'll be to fight any illness you get.

While I'm not worried about the flu, I am worried that my son's daycare will be closed for a week because someone got scared or, by chance, a kid did get the H1N1 virus and our daycare is forced to close down by the CDC. And, of course, when I got to our daycare last night to pick up Mateo, they had a letter out to all the parents telling them they do their part by sanitizing all the toys and stuff and making sure the kids wash their hands, the teachers wash their hands and wear gloves, etc., but that parents need to do their part and make sure our little Pig-Pens remain relatively clean while at home (hand washing, trying to get the kids to cover their mouths while coughing and sneezing (and then washing hands again), etc.

Common sense, no?

So until many people at work start getting really sick, or the BART trains become more and more empty, and most of the kids at Mateo's daycare get sick with it, I'm just going to view this as excessive media coverage that's informing while scaring the living poop out of most people.


tom e. said...

Have you thought about checking the BART status online? You could also use the iBART application for iPhone/iPod Touch which lists adviseries in as close to real time as possible (assuming the device has an internet connection).

I know what you mean about morning TV though. I gave up on it years ago. No interest in being depressed before I've even started my day.

Nut Nut said...

We do check online, but I do it more before going home. I used to get email updates, but stopped for some reason. I'm never that concerned about getting to work; I'm more concerned about getting home and picking up Mateo. And I only get an internet connection on my iPod while in the SF stations, but at least I can look things up when the overhead speaker people aren't talking.

I just turned off the news again and am now listening to music. So much nicer.