Wednesday, April 01, 2009

It was like having we were having two different conversations.

I ran into a high school friend while at the grocery store yesterday. This is the conversation we had:

My name being called.
Me looking around. Seeing HS Friend who shall be deemed HSF from this point on.
HSF: Hi! This is so weird!
Me: I know!
HSF: This is the second time this has happened!
Me: I know! What is it with the grocery store?

Side note: Last time I randomly saw her, it was at the grocery store.

HSF: I just saw blah blah blah the other day! It's so weird. I haven't seen her since graduation, and then we become friends on Facebook, and then I see her running of all things.
Me: Oh, that is weird.

Side note: We just became friends on Facebook, and I thought she was talking about it was weird we keep seeing each other in grocery stores, and then soon realized the weird thing was befriending people on Facebook and then seeing them.

HSF: So, are you planning on having any more little ones?
Me: Oh, well. Not right now. We really can't afford it.
HSF: I know, there's always something you need to buy.
Me: Oh, well, no, it's not that. It's daycare and our mortgage.

Side note: I think she's homeschooling her kid, or someone is homeschooling her kid, and when I said "daycare," her eyes shifted like she was thinking, "what kind of monster mother puts her kid in daycare?!" Or maybe she was weirded out about the mortgage thing. I'm not sure.

Side note on the above side note: She's a hippy, a tad out there, and I think has always had to live with roommates, and hasn't always had her kid living with her.

Side note on the above side note of the above side note: I'm really not a jerk. I just sound like one.

HSF: Oh, yeah...

Staring at each other. Realizing we have nothing in common anymore.

HSF: So! What's for dinner?

I flipped through my meal plans in my head, got confused because I had to change them on Monday, remembered what it was, realized I had totally bypassed that aisle, and then realized I had totally forgotten Mateo's mini pizza things in the deli area (flat bread pizzas...mmmm).

Me: Oh! Um...Tequila-lime chicken burgers. And I just realized I passed the aisle. And I passed something else I need to get up front.
HSF: Oh. (laughs)

Niceties ensue, we part ways without promises to call each other or try to meet up because really, what would we talk about?

We run into each other again in the beer aisle. I was calling my husband because I wanted to know if he wanted Guinness or not.

HSF: I'm just stalking you now. (laughs)
Me: I really should take my husband shopping with me. It's so much easier than having to call him to see what he wants.
HSF: (looks confused). Yeah. Okay, bye!

I check out, almost kill two kids who were totally nuts and in my way (and were previously in my way, and I had to sorta yell at one of them to get out of my way, so they were already scared of me), and really, I was more annoyed with the mom who either was ignoring them and what they were doing or yelling for them to stop climbing on displays but doing nothing to physically to stop it.

I get outside, and HSF is sitting on the planter with her shopping basket next to her, waiting for something or someone, or just sitting there, who knows.

Me: I'm "this" close.... (meaning losing my cool because of stupid kids and their mom)
HSF: Ah, looks like a good night tonight.
Her eyes make a beeline to the 6-pack of beer in my cart.
HSF: Guinness. Nice.....

Side note: She drinks. A lot. From what I can discern. Among other things.

Me: Oh. It's not mine. I don't really like it.
HSF: Oh, you don't like it....
Right then I knew I was crossed off her list of potential friends resurfaced.
HSF: Have a good night!

Just to save my level of cool in everyone's eyes, I happened to have made a whole mess of new friends who did not attend my high school. She seems to have remained friends with many of our high school classmates and really hasn't seemed to move on from where she was 17 years ago.

And that's a whole other story that I just do not understand.

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Kmommy said...

Hilarious!! :) For that reason alone I'm glad that I live about 8 hours from where I went to high school :)