Friday, July 03, 2009

Another bunion surgery update.

I had my last doctor appointment this week, saw my x-ray, admired my two little screws that are helping my cut toe heal, and was told I can get out of the surgical boot. I decided I'm quite fond of my surgical boot, and since I don't really have any shoes I can wear right no because of the healing incision mark (yes, it's still healing) and the soreness and tenderness on the side of my foot, I decided I would keep my fun fashion statement on my foot a bit longer.

My doc told me I would have pain for six months up to a year, and the more I walk on my foot with normal shoes, the more my foot will swell and throb by the end of the day.

I'm canceling my gym membership. Needless to say.

So all is well in the foot department. I can't tell you if the surgery is worth it or not just yet, but still, if you suffer through pain because of a bunion, this is a piece of cake PLUS you get to wear the fantastic surgical boot!

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