Tuesday, July 07, 2009


So as I stated before, we are moving to Minnesota in a month or two. I've decided that moving, at least moving under our circumstances, pretty much equates the same level of inappropriate questioning as does being obviously pregnant. Also? It's COLD in Minnesota. Gee, thanks, like I didn't know that.

While I understand that most people know what's going on with my husband's group at work, what I don't understand is why people think we're all in the same boat together and it's a sinking ship. We're all able to make our own choices and decisions, and, well, we decided to leave our condo behind in California, where it's worth absolutely nada, face foreclosure, and move to a state that's cheaper (albeit it colder, yes, I know this) and will be better in many ways for our family.

The number one question we face once people realize a little bit of "displacement" wasn't going to bring us down is, "Oh, so you're going to buy a place there, then?" To which we answer, simply, no. For whatever reason, people don't get that renting is an option. And to get into why we aren't going to buy just opens up a can of worms which then opens up another can of worms and it all goes so horribly and annoyingly wrong, and usually someone comes out of the conversation really annoyed (me).

On a lighter note, Mateo loves bubble wrap, and it's because of bubble wrap that I'm allowed at least a good 30 minutes of solid packing time. Mateo also loves boxes, and often I find him sitting in an empty one. He doesn't seem to get what's going on at all, which is to be expected for his age, but when we drag him on an airplane - one of his most favorite of all moving machines - and then drag him around looking at empty places, maybe he'll get an inkling of something. Okay, maybe not. I'm sure he'll just run about like the little loon that he is.

Our progress hasn't been the greatest so far in the packing area, but we have gotten rid of a lot of clothes and jackets and odds and ends. I've packed most of our pictures and art, my books that are in the condo (there are boxes in the storage unit as well), sold almost all our CDs, and some random things that aren't needed for day-t0-day life. I've found a home for Mateo's fish Water (you're off the hook, mom), have contacted Mayflower to get a shipping quote (they don't seem to think contacting me quickly is important, a fact which is putting them on my list), researched costs for car transportation, researched how to get to cats to Minnesota (vets bills, cat carriers, holding while walking through security gates not to mention their plane tickets), asked how to get my and Mateo's medical records (costs 20 bucks each if I just want copies, otherwise free when another doctor requests them), researched whether we should keep paying our outrageously expensive HOA dues until the bank takes back ownership on record (yes), researched apartments and town homes and locations and cities and public transportation and daycare locations and cost, and, and and and...

Now I'm just waiting for things to fall into place, one thing at a time, because each accomplished item gives the next item on the list the green light.

Oh, and did you realize it's cold in Minnesota? You betcha. Yes, I've researched how Minnesotans talk as well.


Kmommy said...

Yes, brace yourself for the cold!! How close to the Wi border will you be?
Moving is one hell of a chore! Especially one that far!! Good luck and I hope all goes well for you!

Nut Nut said...

I'm not sure how close. I have no concept of distances at all, but it seems sorta close? We're looking in suburbs around Minneapolis. Yeah, we've never moved this far, but we have moved 5 times so far. This one just seems more daunting.