Friday, September 11, 2009

So I've moved.

I am now officially a Mid-Westerner, a Minnesotan, and living in paradise that could easily be the next "Real Housewives of...." Apparently we live in the rich suburbs of Minneapolis. And since we moved here with the same pay we made in California, that allowed us to pretty much pick where we wanted to live. Yes, yes, I know, that certainly makes me sound all fancy-like, but in reality, we're a statistic and we've ran away from our condo and our mortgage and are just waiting for the whole process to finish so we can begin rebuilding our credit and not feeling like big losers.

I do like it here, though. I like it like I like my memories of growing up in California when things still made sense and were safe. I like that it's so green here and there are bugs all over the place, and those bugs are LOUD at night. I like that we have a variety of ants, really huge ones and those regular small ones one would find in California. I like that I can open the door and not fear someone will break in and steal something or rape or murder me (although, I must admit, I am still a tad paranoid and like keeping the door open more when my husband is home than when I'm alone). I like that I can order things online that are being shipped via UPS and those boxes end up by our door instead of missing. I like that I can buy a crap load of stuff at Costco and not have to worry how I'm going to get all that stuff inside because now I can simply drive into our GARAGE and take my time bringing it into the house, which is just STEPS away instead of MILES away like at our condo. I like that where we live there are a bazillion really lovely parks with playgrounds and they are all less than 10 minutes away from where we live.

And if you're a fan of the grasshopper, then this is definitely a place for you. Those suckers are everywhere and can jump darn high.

But the best thing that I like about living here is that my husband swears he saw a wild turkey that was about 4-feet tall. And no, he wasn't drinking.

And yes, maybe turkeys are 4-feet tall, I really don't know, but I still think it's funny as all get-go.

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