Monday, June 14, 2010

I've been warned of this....

The boy and I went to Target today to pick up his dad's medicine from the pharmacy and then to buy some things we needed. The boy loves Target because they have food and toys and pretzels. Yes, yes, pretzels are food, I know, but pretzels are the special treat he usually gets after shopping is done. Target is awesome.

So there we were, he in the top part of the shopping cart, me standing in front of him, both of us waiting for the pharmacy people to find my husband's meds.

When I picked the boy up from daycare, I reminded him that we were going to Target (I received many "yaaas!" about that), and that we needed to buy daddy an umbrella. The boy has been after me for the past few months to buy him a 'brella (as the boy calls it). So I told him this to get him excited about the possibility of me buying him a ' lieu of a toy.

The kid is spoiled.

While we were waiting, the boy looked at me and asked, "WHY DID SOMEONE TAKE DADDY'S 'BRELLA, MOOOOMMMMA?"

I quickly shushed him and said to stop talking so loudly.


I shushed him again and told him no one took it.

"DADDY LOST HIS 'BRELLA!!!???" he asked, like this was the stupidest thing any person could possibly do, especially since he has wanted his own 'brella for months now. I think it was particularly stupid because it was a very expensive umbrella that doesn't fall apart under harsh conditions. Some lucky person on the bus got a very nice 'brella. So yes, I could understand his dismay, disgust, and bewilderment.

I shushed him again.

There we were, me trying to keep him occupied, him trying to yell out anything that popped into his head.

He had a sticker on his shirt, so I asked, "Why did you get that sticker?"

His eyes got huge. He sucked in his breath.


I shushed him again and said he didn't need to be so loud, I could hear him just fine.

His eyes got even bigger.

"I GOT THIS STICKER FOR PEEIN-- in the potty," he told me. As he was saying "peeing," I clasped my hand over his mouth, which lowered his volume.

He glowed with pride. I laughed. The lady sitting on the bench near us turned away from us and bent over so she could hear the person on her cellphone. People in line looked over at us.

So now I know that nothing is sacred with that boy, and if I tell him anything about anything or anyone, he's likely to yell it out in public. He's lucky he's really cute and gives good hugs.

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