Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Technology can bite my big toe.

I had to call into a meeting today. I get stuck in work mode when I'm at home and working, so I've gotten into the habit of dialing "9" to get an outside line. And yes, I full well know I don't need to do that at home, but sometimes I do and yes, sometimes it's really confusing, and even more so yes, sometimes I end up talking to nice people.

Today I called the conference line number and someone answered "bueno." At least that's what I think this person said. And while I normally say I have the wrong number or act totally confused (usually the later), this time I just hung up. Because darn it, "bueno" means nothing to me and I needed to get into my meeting.

As soon as I hung up, the phone rang. Jesus Cruz was calling me. So I pushed the "talk" button, waited a few seconds, and hung up again. Because I needed the phone free so I could call into my everloving meeting. I pushed "talk" again, and it was just breathy silence on the other end. I hung up. Waited. Pushed "talk" again. Breathy silence AGAIN. I hung up. Waiiiiit. Tried again. Finally this Jesus Cruz had hung up and freed up my line.

As I was just ready to dial in the pass code to get into the meeting, Jesus Cruz called me back. For whatever reason, instead letting the voicemail kick in, my phone decided Jesus Cruz was more important and answered him.


I hung up AGAIN. I tried the line, he was still on it, breathing. I hung up again. Waaaait. Now I'm officially late for my meeting, which, if anyone really knows me, means I'm steps away from the crazy house because I cannot be late to anything even if it's something I don't want to do.

Finally Jesus Cruz gave up and I dialed back into my meeting.

The kicker? My meeting wasn't worth dialing into and I probably should have just chatted with Jesus for a bit.

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