Friday, January 06, 2006

Old Lady on BART vignette

I was sitting next to the window one night this week going home. A thin, old lady sat down next to me. She had a plastic bag in her right hand. As soon as she sat down, she leaned herself towards the aisle with her head resting on her hand. She quickly dozed off.

About 10 minutes into the BART trip, something happened that scared the crap out of the old lady. The first thing that happened was that she violently jerked her right arm up and out and all about (kinda like the hokey pokey). The bag almost fell on the floor. Maybe that was what scared her because she jerked herself up straight, shuddered and then looked at me, then all around. I pretended like I didn't see her, but in reality, you'd have to be asleep yourself not to miss her jerkiness (as in, body jerking -- not in the sense of being a jerk).

It's always good to play these things off like they never happened, which was what she did. She got off a few stations later, so I could stop pretending like nothing happened.

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