Monday, May 08, 2006

Is it the good weather?

Thanks to my dad, our mirror is finally up. It looks great. I love my mirror.

Another thing we managed to do -- we painted the bathroom! I started the renovation project Friday evening by taking everything out of the bathroom, including the mirror. I was told over and over to be careful with the mirror, it's going to bad, etc., etc., so I had my work gloves on and goggles over my glasses. The mirror just came off the wall without much of a fight.

Unfortunately, this was our first experience with semi-gloss paint, and while I think we did a good job, the blue tape we used to tape off the door jamb, floor base, etc., has decided it wants to take off the paint with it. And since the paint has latex in it, it's coming off in gummy chunks. So now I have to fix that.

AND -- My hubby changed our light fixture in our bathroom hallway! It looks very nice. Goodbye Madison Avenue light fixture! We're through with you!

I'm thinking it's the nice weather that's getting us moving. But if that's the case, why would we want to waste good weather days inside? And all the bad weather days we just lazed around.

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