Sunday, August 13, 2006

Top ten things we learned about Montreal

1. Beef, especially steak, is very popular (Note: We don't eat beef).
2. If something has cheese on it, most likely it'll be goat cheese (Note: I don't particularly like goat cheese).
3. They love BBQ or the concept of it.
4. Sitting around, drinking, smoking, talking and eating are top priority.
5. The city hides all the shopping in what is known as the "underground city," which can be very difficult to find and a hard walk to traverse when you're pregnant.
6. They love their ice cream (and so do I!).
7. They love their dogs but deteste les chats (cats).
8. Everyone's bilingual, but generally speak French.
9. They don't really believe in healthy meals.
10. There is not a chocolate and pastery shop to be found in the touristy areas.
10.5 They really don't have a souvenir "item" -- like SF has fisherman's warf, sourdough bread, chocolate, golden gate bridge, etc. -- they have a moose and a bear. But that's more of a Canadian thing -- oh, and maple syrup. And I don't particulary like maple syrup unless it's on my pancakes, which, by the way, they don't have, only crepes, which, by the way, I never ate.

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