Monday, December 18, 2006

I just can't get mad anymore

Annoyed, yes. Mad, no -- too tired for the madness.

Apparently, the bigger I get, the more interested people are in what I'm eating. Today I brought two soy corn dogs for lunch, which do look like regular corn dogs, but are much, much healthier (and taste just the same).

"I see you're eating healthy!" I was told by a rather large person. And when I say rather large, I mean, LARGE. "Corn dogs, huh?"

I tiredly looked up and said, "They're soy dogs."

"OH! So all of a sudden you are trying to be healthy?"

I looked at my husband in hopes he'd help me out because with the 3-4 hours of sleep I got, I couldn't come up with any witty response except "leave me alone before I start crying, I just want to eat my lunch in peace." He just looked at me.

"We eat a lot of soy-based products, actually," I said.

"Oh! Really? So you really do eat healthy? You know, with your chocolate problem, I just thought...."

"We just had soy meatballs with our pasta last night," I said.

"Oh! So you don't eat meat? Do YOU eat meat?" she asked my husband.

"I don't eat beef, but yes, I eat meat: chicken, pork...," he said.

"And do YOU eat meat?" she asked me.

"I don't eat beef, and I don't really like meat in general, but I do eat it."

"What about soy milk???"

"Yes, we drink soy milk," I said.

"OH! I never knew you ate healthy!" she said for the 100th time.

"My eating habits got worse when I got pregnant," I said. "But generally, yes, I do eat healthy."

Then less than 5 minutes later, another person walked into the lunchroom and said, "I see you're eating healthy for the baby. Corn dogs, huh?"

"They're soy dogs, and yes, they are healthy and have a lot of protein. Very good for the baby," I said.

"Oh. But not good for you."

"Yes, good for me as well."


I mean, come on! Leave me alone! I know I look like I'm carrying a watermelon around, but don't question my eating habits, darn it! Now I know to avoid soy corn dogs for lunch since it confuses so many people. Back to soup I go.


Tom Bailey said...

Soy isnt as healthy as one might think it raises female hormones. I like your blog this is my first visit.

jmz said...

This is true -- but it beats eating a rat dog (as I like to call them anyday). My soy consumption is not very high, and I do find it a great way to get protein into my diet, which would be lacking otherwise.

Glad you like my blog!

Anonymous said...

Considering your family history, you should be particularly concerned with raising your female hormones.

jmz said...

How about I just don't eat since at one time or another everything you could eat has been said to give you cancer?

Sorry Mateo, no more food for you. : (

Anonymous said...

Have to agree with Tom - knock off the soy!

jmz said...

leave me alone!

Anonymous said...

Those corn dogs are nasty when heated up in the microwave. The risk isn't worth it. Get some vegetarian chili.

jmz said...

I hope the last comment isn't from someone who's afraid to eat vegetables and eats out all the time.

Anonymous said...

Sorry not I - I wouldn't even know if soy dogs were nasty or not - wouldn't touch them with a ten foot pole. So no, it's not me! What are vegetables anyway - heard of them but never ate them! Love you kid and your little kidlet!

jmz said...

Stay away from hot (rat) dogs too. You may as well put your hand in the gutter and scoop up what you find and shove it into your mouth.