Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Almost in isolation

Not that I want to hide away from people, but at this point, if I got a dollar for every question that was posed to me about my pregnancy, I would be really really well-off. I've been joking that I should get pamphlets made with the top 10 questions and answers so when someone asks me something, I can just hand them the pamphlet and walk away. I have two more days left physically being at work, and that'll be it. No more questions. Until I get back and then I'll receive a whole slew of new questions.

Here are the top 10:

1. When are you due? February 7, 2007 (for some reason almost everyone who asks me that is either born in Feb. or is related to someone born in Feb., so I get to hear "what a great month" Feb. is -- after awhile, I just say, "Why, cause you were born in Feb.?" and the person looks at me in AMAZEMENT!)
2. What are you having? Boy (I've had some funny reactions to this -- everything from disbelief based on my body shape to "I bet he's happy" (husband).)
3. When you do start your leave? I'm working at home from 1/15 - 1/31, leave starts 2/1.
4. Are you ready? No. No. No.
5. Are you having a natural birth? Depending on who is asking me, I usually have to ask them what they mean by that since everyone's perceptions are different. I'm having a vaginal birth unless something weird happens and then I'm having a c-section, and yes, I'll take the epidural, thank you very much.
6. Do you have a name? Mateo. (We get either perplexed looks or "Oh, that's a nice name!" or even, "Oh, Matthew!" and then I have to say, "No. Mateo, not Matthew. If we wanted to call him Matthew, we would have called him Matthew," and then I start chopping and changing the person's name so they can see how they like it.)
7. How long will you be out? 12 weeks, back in May sometime.
8. Various misconstrued leave questions that I have to clarify since all the leave stuff is really confusing.
9. Are you excited? Um, yes and no. Mostly too tired and uncomfortable to be that excited.
10. Do you have everything ready for the baby? Yes and no.

And 10.5: Do you feel him move yet? Um, I'm in my 35th week. Of course I feel him move.

And I'm still getting the weird advice from random people. Like I shouldn't feed my baby when he wants to eat so that he'll eat late and sleep all night. Yeah...that just sounds mean. That I shouldn't buy any newborn or 3 months clothes and just start at 6 months. Well, too late for that, but thanks. I also get asked how I'm feeling, and when I give my "I'm tired....etc. etc." answer, the person then goes on to reminisce how they hated being pregnant and how uncomfortable it was, and suddenly the tables are turned and it's like I asked them how they felt when they were pregnant. Oh, and I should enjoy every minute of the baby because he'll grow up and be an evil teenager.

And usually these questions/conversations happen when I'm on the way to the bathroom or I need to go to the bathroom, so I'm about ready to pee my pants because I have to go so bad. Or, even better, in the bathroom itself because that's where you'll usually find me during the day.

Isolation....I cannot wait!! Then my husband gets stuck with all the questions!

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