Friday, January 05, 2007

Baby class

We went to a baby class the other night that went over baby care and what's normal and not normal and so forth and so on. Our instructor for the first hour was a pediatrician and he went over all the medical things we should be aware of. After he was finished with his spiel, he asked if anyone had any questions.

A lady in the front row raised her hand and said she had a question. Now, as a side note, this lady is married to a man who feels it is unnecessary to flush a public toilet after he pees. I was hoping his level of grossness/ignorance started and ended with him, but apparently they were a match made in heaven. How I know about the no flushing thing? Because I was waiting for the bathroom he was in, heard him peeing like a horse and then saw him open the door and walk out without flushing or running any water in the sink. So I got the pleasure of flushing the toilet for him and cleaning off the toilet seat because he also doesn't believe in lifting it up while he pees, so there was pee everywhere.

Anyway, I digress.

"Will the hospital pierce my daughter's ears?" the lady asked the doctor.

I'm sure the doctor has heard just about every stupid question a person could possibly ask, but I have to give him kudos for not yelling at this lady and calling her an idiot for asking such a stupid question. Instead, he paused before answering and basically told her that no, the hospital will not pierce her daughter's ears and that if she was to ask his opinion about piercing ears, he would tell her that at no time any sort of metal should be pierced into the human body.

The lady persisted. "But what if we ask them to do it? They won't do it?"

The doctor looked at her and paused again. "No, they will not."

"But if we say it's okay to do it?" she asked.


I don't have much experience with being in hospitals, but last time I was in one (last weekend), there wasn't a Claire's Boutique or a nice display of earrings to choose from. I would love to know where this lady got this idea from, but at the same time, she is married to a man who thinks it's okay for other people to flush his body waste, so I probably don't want to know.

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