Monday, January 15, 2007


How is it that I married a man who takes longer to make a decision on his sock purchase than the average person does for a car purchase?

Why does Kohls not provide chairs for people to sit in?

How is it that at the time of choosing, $12 for a footed onesie outfit that looks like a baseball uniform and says "Heartbreaker" across it like a baseball team's name seemed like an okay purchase because I was getting 15% off of the $12 price, but when I walked outside and was looking at the receipt, I was in complete shock that either one of us were okay with spending that much money for one item when we were in the baby department? I mean, I must be losing it because I really didn't remember the price or that I was fine with it, and then when we were outside I was rather annoyed with the whole purchase. Of course, my husband, who knew I was getting perturbed by the length of time it was taking him to pick out socks, kept saying, "you said you wanted it!" so I wouldn't blame it on him. I'm sure I did. But I've got massive baby brain and can't remember much of anything anymore.

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