Monday, April 14, 2008

Fashion Plates

I rarely get to buy gifts for little girls, so when I do, I'm always hard-pressed to find a gift that's fun and different and definitely something other parents wouldn't be purchasing as a gift. I don't want to do the same old Barbie doll, and I've already bought clothes for the last three birthday party gifts, so this time I'm trying to find something that I loved when I was a kid: Fashion plates.

Do you remember Fashion plates? Oh how I loved them so. I even had a set for making vans or something. The baw-chucka-baw-wow vans at that (Mom, call me and I'll explain what that means). Fashion plates are something I constantly think about because I'm a dork. Apparently they don't make them anymore, although I found a whole mess of them on eBay, the soonest ending auction was at $42.00. Curses to myself for not keeping things! The amount of money I could be rolling in if I saved my Fashion plates, my ewok dolls, my cabbage patch kids, whatever else I had as a kid that is considered "retro" now. Ack, I'm old.

Oh you know I'll be hoarding some of Mateo's toys now. Although I'm looking at them with the same eyes I looked at my own toys: Who would care about this stuff in 25 years?

But I digress:

What little girl wouldn't love to mix and match outfits and hair styles and textures and be able to color them all in!? I did find some Dora the Explorer thing, and some other random cheapo items that are similar to Fashion plates, but just don't do it for me. And at this point, if I do find something vaguely similar to Fashion plates that I do approve of, I'll probably end up keeping it for myself.

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