Friday, April 18, 2008

Get me through this day.

Finally, Friday.
Tomorrow I sleep for hours.
Got to shake this cold.

Husband off to work.
Mateo is still sleeping.
Calm before the storm.

Busy day ahead.
Must be creative or else.
Is my iPod charged?


Kathryn said...

Hope you get the nice relaxing weekend that you need to recover!

wright said...

I hope you have a good soundtrack for your day. When you want to relax, may I suggest a little Carla Bruni (Quelqu'un m'a dit). Yup, she's the model/singer who just married the French President.

Marylin said...

Hope you get to relax this weekend :)

Feel better soon. said...

hope your ipod cooperated :) happy weekend!

storyteller said...

Hope the weekend brings
rest and relaxation ... Did
your iPod recharge? ;--)

Hugs and blessings,

Anonymous said...

nothing worse than grabbing the ipod and getting nothing. hope it was charged!

the planet of janet said...

hope you get the weekend you need!

(and charge that ipod!!)

jennifer said...

Here's to a relaxing (and recovering) weekend!

Scylla said...

Sorry you are having a hard day, I hope it gets better.

tumblewords said...

Hope the weekend is smooth and restful and the ipod retains its charge! Cute post!