Friday, May 30, 2008

New tupperware set + husband = love.

Now that Mateo is eating regular food, our tupperware supply seems to have diminished greatly. So there I was in Target a week or so ago, and I walked down the aisle o' tupperware (not really tupperware, but it's easier to say that than "plastic containers with lids" over and over). I spotted a nice set of tupperware with really tiny containers up to regular-sized containers - with red lids!

Since I plan to make my kitchen a fabulous red kitchen some day, and have several red items already, I snatched the set up.

Little did I know that my husband has been waiting for such a set to walk into his life. Little did I know that he's tupperware crazy.

The reason I got this set was because of the really small containers, which are perfect for Mateo's leftovers. The first time I used one, I announced how perfect it was for Mateo's leftovers. Just perfect. Did I say perfect? Perfect!

Then my husband used one. Then another. Then told me that yes, in fact, the really small containers are quite perfect....for his purposes.

All of a sudden everything he needs stored is in a tupperware container. Most of these stored items are in the really small ones, which means there aren't any for Mateo's leftovers. Some have mysteriously disappeared, and I'm thinking he's taken them to work, never to be seen again. He's even gone so far as putting a half eaten cereal bar in a tupperware container.

And I know what he's doing; he's avoiding plastic storage bags like they are the plague because he is a recycling nut who doesn't always follow through with his recycling plans. Or the recycling rules, but now matter how many times I tell him he can't put certain things in the recycling bin for whatever reason, he still does it and insists it's okay.

So with all the small containers mysteriously disappearing daily, I think I'm going to have to buy either another set or the small ones separately (which would only cost more, I think). Father's Day and our Anniversary is coming up...Perhaps a set of 44 pieces would tickle his fancy?

We also have half a lime in a tupperware container. That's how bad it's gotten.

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