Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Two things I find very exciting.

1. Nine Inch Nail's new CD The Slip is free! Trent Reznor has jumped on the very wealthy band wagon (wealthy as in, he doesn't need the money, and he's so rich he can do this sort of thing) and decided to give his music away. Thanks, Trent, you're the best.

(Nostalgia kicks in....)

Oh, I remember way back in 1989 when the first NIN tape came out, and I was getting a mere $10 a week in allowance (no, no, not complaining - free money is just that - free money). I desperately wanted that tape. Sadly, tapes at the Tower Records in my city went for $9.99 plus tax. So it was the tax that was ruining my dream. I. Wanted. That. Tape!!!!

I don't know what I did. I don't remember. I could have just waited patiently another week for my allowance and then convinced my mom to drive me to the Tower Records so I could purchase the tape, or, I convinced her to give me my allowance for the next week that week, so I would have the $1 or so to cover the tax. I think the later probably happened because I can be really annoying at times. And yes, even if she did front me the money, she was still the one that took me there to buy it.

And the weird thing is, my husband and I don't even own the first NIN CD now. And the tape is long gone. And it's not because I don't want it, per se, it's more because I thought we did have it all this time, and when I asked my husband if we did, he said no, and when I asked why, he said because he didn't like it.

2. Dr. Martens is re-introducing the "original" Dr. Martens. Now, let me explain. Some years back, Dr. Martens was sold and every shoe that was created after the sale was basically a piece of crap. The leather used was horrible, sometimes greasy, and the iconic boot just wasn't the same and, I felt, never would be.

Today I was looking at Macy's online, and low and behold, Dr. Martens is now selling the "original" 1460 8-eye boot. For many, many years, I lived in my Dr. Martens. I loved them. LOVED them. I saved up money and would go to Villians on Haight in SF and get my shoes. I would wear them all the time, with pants or skirts, it didn't matter.

I sent my husband the link, and he asked me if I wanted them for Mom's day. I said no. But really, I wanted to say YES. YES I DO. I have a job where it doesn't matter much what I wear, and I wear boots during winter that sorta, kinda look like my old faithfuls, so why not spend 100 bucks to get the "real" thing?

How about, if I can't have those, how about these cute mary janes?

So I casually dropped the gift bomb that yes, I would really like the boots. My husband didn't say anything. Let's hope he finds my blog and reads it.


jennifer said...

I could always forward him (anonymously of course) a link???!!!

jmz said...

Ah, but then I couldn't get all mad come Mom's day when I don't get anything and he says, "but you said not to get you anything...."

That's more fun!