Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Updates on my life doings.

My husband, I suspect, read my blog because today he mentioned going to Big Basin for Mom's Day. I demurely declined. I now want to go to the Zoo!

Mateo's eye is getting better. The doctor said he might have scratched his eye, but not enough to see under all his fancy hoodoo voodoo equipment, and that the swelling is due to him rubbing his eye over and over and over. He has to have antibiotic eye drops in his eye for the next 48 hours to help his eye not get an infection. The drops are definitely working.

Let me tell you, it's darn fun going to a store with your child who looks like someone punched him or he was born with a defect, and to have someone ask about him. Not, "what happened to his face?" which is probably what the man was thinking, but, "how old is he?"

We chatted, I never said anything about his eye, he never said anything about his eye, I felt even more like a loser because I still think it's my fault, although there really is no way of knowing for sure.

The doctor, however, told me not to give him peanut butter again. I vowed to wait til he's three.

How's your week going?

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