Sunday, July 20, 2008

I've lost it. It's final.

With less time to myself, and with tons of time to spend with my constantly getting into everything toddler, I find that managing our money has gone to the wayside. I know what's going on, and I'm not afraid anything is going to bounce or I'll forget to pay something because I tend to store things in my brain fairly well.

But today was the topper. I have a HUGE pile of receipts to go through, as well as going through charges and debits that don't have a receipt, and getting it all squared away on Quicken.

On Friday I remembered we got a Comcast bill a week or so ago, and I didn't remember if I had paid it or not, so I assumed I didn't. I got online, paid the bill, which was higher than normal because of a pay-per-view charge, and all was good in the world again.

Today I was going through our online bank statement and saw some random check I didn't remember writing. I clicked on the link to view the image, and low and behold - it was a check for Comcast. I had paid the bill and didn't remember.

So now another huge chunk of money will be taken from our account. Good news is now we're paid up for a month and a half. If you could call that good news.

The really bad news is that I've lost it...finally lost it.


Tom Eppenberger Jr said...

We switched to using to manage our finances. It's quite nice, but you have to be willing to trust some online stuff...

Nut Nut said...

I'll check it out. I need all the help I can get at this point!

Kmommy said...

HaHa! I usually do quite the opposite, thinking I've paid something when I haven't... It would be so nice to do it the other way around.