Friday, August 01, 2008

Full zip hoods and how they are CREEPY.

I talk to people about what and what will not make me mad as parent when Mateo is a teenager - in terms of fashion or how he looks in general. Basically I feel like there isn't much that would shock me, but I have no idea what kids will want to do when he's 14 or 15.

The one thing that will make me crazy is if he does that baggy pants / showing off underwear stuff that is just the stupidiest fashion on the face of the earth. There is no way I could let him leave our house that way; what he does after he's gone, I have no real control over.

Then comes my trip to the mall today. I'm not much into kid's fashion and what's considered hip and who is wearing what, so I tend to look at some of the clothing displayed in windows just to get an idea of what the crazy kids of today are up to. (Don't I sound like I'm 70?)

One item in particular gave me the willies. It truly creeps me out. I think more so the idea of someone just wearing it and me coming across them on the street or on BART freaks me out - the surprise of it. Then I think about why anyone would even wear this because they can't exactly breath. And finally, I think about the fashion designer who quite possibly used to work in the S&M industry, and why, why, why they ever thought this was a fashionable item to create:

When I saw this sweatshirt, it was on a mannequin, fully zipped up. So a sweatshirt laying flat doesn't seem too threatening yet just as stupid. I had to walk by it twice, and each time I just stared at it like it was a car wreck and I was a rubber necker. If you can't tell what's going on, the hood of the sweatshirt zips up and around the face of the person wearing it. This is creepy. In case you weren't aware. Creeeepy.

What's next? Body bags? Should I just go ahead and start working on that idea?

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