Saturday, August 02, 2008

Getting my hair cut after one year.

You know what stinks? Well, I'll tell you:

1. Your stylist's station is next to the last stylist you went to, one year ago, and fearing the old stylist remembers you.

2 Having flashbacks of the last time you got your hair cut and walking out with your hair in all kinds of flips and hair product and wanting to run home and wash and restyle your hair (thanks to the hair stylist next to the current one you're seeing).

3. Having a "before" and "after" picture taken of you because I guess it's not every day that some chick walks in the door with super long hair and doesn't really care that a good 6 inches is being cut off, including layers cut into the length.

4. Being a good sport, allowing these pictures to be taken, although you feel like you weigh 300 lbs and definitely look it, and then never receiving them in e-mail, as promised.

5. Having all kinds of plans about how to use these pictures to demonstrate how stupidly long your hair was, then showing off your new style, which is very similar to the style you had last year, after the flips you walked out with were washed out, but then NEVER RECEIVING the e-mail.

6. Hearing the stylist you went to last year saying that a person who doesn't cut his/her hair for a year and has the same hairstyle is lazy. Purely lazy.

7. Feeling like the stylist you went to last year somehow remembers you and was saying the comment in number 6 as a reference to you.

8. Not being able to add, and including a 15 dollar tip, but incorrectly adding the total, and really giving a 25 dollar tip.

9. Realizing you added incorrectly while driving home. Re-adding over and over and getting different totals each time, and now obsessed on how the total was entered, but won't know until Monday.

10. Being math-challenged.

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