Saturday, November 15, 2008

Curses to you, stink eye!

When Mateo woke up yesterday he felt really warm. I took his temperature to make sure he wasn't running a high fever because that's what it felt like, but it was normal. I chalked up his hotness to wearing blanket PJs with feet during our rather weird warm spell here in Northern California. After a little bit, he cooled down, and I decided he definitely not sick and was fine to go to daycare.

When I got home that night my husband said the phrase I always dread, "Oh, I forgot to tell you...."

That is usually followed up with something I really don't want to hear, like he got another ticket, he's leaving me, his mistress is pregnant (but his mistress is the gym, so that would sorta difficult to accomplish), he invited everyone he knows over for poker, we've been invited to a bunch of soirees that I'd rather not attend, etc., you get where I'm going.

"Umhmmm?" I mumbled.

"I think he's sick."

He being Mateo.

"Darn it! I thought so. Those stupid blanket PJs probably incubated whatever cooties he got from daycare."

"Well, I don't know about that, but I do know this: he was coughing and his eyes are leaking snot."

And yes indeed, he was growing some rather lovely greenish-yellow blobs out of his eye ducts.

What makes this whole sick thing even worse is that we planned to finally go to the zoo on Saturday. We've planned this off and on since Mateo was old enough to handle going somewhere for an extended period of time, but it's just never happened for different reasons. What makes this time more exciting is that Mateo recognizes a lot of animals by making the sounds they make. So to see a real elephant? A real lion? A real bear? Oh, just think of the videos! Also, last weekend was a rather dull one for him, so I really wanted to do something different this weekend. And finally, this is the last nice weekend, I'm pretty sure, before the cold kicks in, and cold plus zoo doesn't make for an appealing trip.

When Mateo woke up this morning at that very late hour of 6am (thank you, my dear sicky son, for the extra two hours of sleep), both his eyes were crusted closed and he just looked horrible. I told my husband he was correct about the pink eye and the cold, and I asked him to call Kaiser to get Mateo an appointment while I worked on cleaning his eyes so he could open them again. Lucky for Mateo and since he's had pink eye so many times since starting daycare, the nurse prescribed him eye drops to clear up the infection instead of him having to come in for an appointment. Normally I would want the appointment, but he's really okay overall, and I'm not worried that something else is going on.

Today was spent at home. Mateo was having a serious case of "attached to mom by the hip" syndrome, but I was given a two hour reprieve later on in the day to take a much needed nap.

So yet again, germs foiled our plans, and yet again, I've realized there is no reason to make plans of any kind for the next 5 or so years.

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Kmommy said...

Oh man, pink eye stinks!! My bil got pink eye last week too! Crazy!