Thursday, May 01, 2008

How we communicate.

I made an extraordinary amount of carnitas the other night, so we've had tacos for two nights, and my husband wanted to make machaca with the leftovers for "something different."

Now, I know, you're wondering, what is machaca? Well. Let me show you.

And if that visual doesn't do it for you, it's basically and traditionally beef cooked with eggs. So he wanted to take the pork and cook it with eggs. I said heck no, I'm so not eating pork with eggs, to which he responded, "but it's just like having bacon and eggs!"

I don't agree with that statement.

So we agreed on making quesadillas.

Today my husband IMed me and asked if I was still buying stuff for the quesadillas (we need more cheese), and if so, he was thinking we should have burritos with enchilada sauce on top of it instead. I told him yes, I was planning on buying cheese. And in response to his comment about burritos, I wrote:

ME: do we have everything you'd want for burrito insides?
HIM: hmm
HIM: i guess not
HIM: quesadillas r fine

Okay. This is what I don't understand. When I asked if we had everything he'd want for the burrito insides, I really meant, and probably should have been more clear, "what else do you want me to buy so that your burrito is the way you want it? Please give me a list of ingredients and I will happily go purchase them after I pick up Mateo." But to me the meaning was clear.

This is what I guess he read, "I'm so not going to buy anything more than just cheese because I don't want to satisfy your burrito craving, you jerk of a husband, you!!!! And while you're at it, don't even come home tonight!"

So I had to tell him that my question wasn't a loaded question and that it was not a hard question, and I just wanted to know what else he wanted. So he told me. And sadly, this is generally how we communicate with each other.

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